"Dr. Lowe, Our daughter is admitted to Exeter, Andover, Choate, Groton and Kent!" - B. Barrah 

"I was referred to Dr. Lowe by a parent who decided to use his services after her daughter was rejected from several top private schools.  After using his service, she was accepted to her top school.  Initially, I did not use his services because my husband and I thought that we could do the application process on our own.  We were shocked when our son was rejected.  We immediately called Dr. Lowe.  He identified what went wrong and helped us in the reapplication process. Obviously, we were thrilled when our son was accepted to his top school." -- Anu Sharma 

“Dr. Lowe, It has been a real pleasure to work with you. I am extremely grateful for your interest and support. Your knowledge of top private schools and professional manner were excellent. Our son is now very happy in his new school.  We look forward to your support in the future when he applies to college.” -- Ramesh Kumar

“Having no insider experience with any of the schools in the area we applied to, we turned to Dr. Lowe  He not only knows the ins and outs of what a particular school is looking for, he also guided us narrowing down what schools we should apply to. Dr. Lowe read each of our applications and advised us on what was important to convey in the parent interviews. We ended up getting into Rye Country Day and Hackley. We simply could not have survived this process without his help!” -- Laurie Zhang

"Thank you for your hard work! Our daughter was accepted to three of the Ten Schools.  And I will definitely spread the word of your magic touch!"  -- NYC Parent

Dr. Lowe helped us with researching which schools provided the best academic, social and emotional fit for my son, which schools we should tour and what we should look for in each school."  -- CT Parent

"The team at Private School Admissions Advisors provided an honest, unbiased opinion of all our schools of interests in Connecticut and New York.  They helped us see beyond the websites, brochures and school presentations.  Thank you Dr. Lowe!" -- NYC Parent

"Dr. Lowe is an exceptional educational consultant.  He finds the appropriate match and understands schools strengths and weaknesses.  He makes an extra effort to know schools well and that makes for a successful placement." -- NYC Parent

"Initially we used a local educational agency to place our son in American school.  It was a disaster and he was very unhappy. A friend called me and mentioned Dr. Lowe. We hired Dr. Lowe and his team to help our son transfer to a more competitive and top school. Dr. Lowe worked with us and our son is now very happy and in a top school. We are happy." -- Guangzhou (China) Parent

"Dr. Lowe brought us to new levels of thinking of what we could do to place our daughter in the best school for her."
-- NYC Parent

"The panic and anxiety that gripped us, as to where our children would attend schools, when I was transferred to our expanded investment banking division, in Manhattan, subsided the instant we hired you!  My wife and I were amazed at how you brilliantly placed each of our three children in private schools.  Thank you for all of your invaluable advice, continuous guidance and support, caring and wisdom." -- Sao Paulo/NYC Parent

"Simply put, Dr. Lowe was energetically passionate throughout the whole process. He and his associates really helped our family." -- CT Parent

"Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you did for us. You tirelessly led my family through every part of the admissions process for our daughter with the utmost skill, patience, caring and sincerity. We are very pleased with your service and have recommended you to all our friends and colleagues. You are great!"  -- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Parent

"We found ourselves without a kindergarten spot for our daughter, despite the fact that my husband and I spent over a year devoting ourselves to the task of kindergarten admissions and the fact that we both attended private school in Manhattan.  Dr. Lowe and his advisors re-evaluated what happened and helped us find a spot for our daughter at a great private school in Manhattan.  He was there for us throughout the entire frightening experience, a down-to-earth and patient advisor in this super-crazy world of Manhattan school admissions.  Thank you Dr. Lowe.  We could not have done it without you." -- NYC Parent

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