Kathy Friedman, Chief Strategy Officer.  Born in Beijing, raised in France, UK. and Ghana.  U.S. private schools. BA Yale, MBA UPenn.

Sam Gupta, Chief Knowledge Officer.  Born in Bangalore, India, raised in UK, Dubai and Nigeria.  U.S. private schools. BA Harvard, MBA Harvard.

Team members private school admissons

Team members

Our core team members collaboratively use and leverage their knowledge, insight, expertise, and relationships; professional and alumni networks to give our clients a competitive advantage!

Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe, Managing Director/Admissions Advisor.  Born in Jamaica, Queens. Raised in Puerto Rico and Brazil. Valedictorian Weston High (CT). BA Brown; MD Brown PLME.

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Dr. Paul R. Lowe, Sr., Managing Director/Admissions Advisor.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica.  Raised in New York,   BA Brown, MD Boston University, Cert.Yale SOM, Cert. Harvard.