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Parents hire us  rather than other independent educational consultants because we specialize in admissions to top private schools and our clients are accepted into their top choice schools.


Interested in a top elite boarding school for your child?  

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XII.  Our Fees

Our fees reflect our acceptance rate (of 97% or higher) and the value of our admissions success.

When people call us and are simply shopping for a cheap price, we remind them of the adage: "You get what you pay for!"  Cheap prices mean less experience, less involvement with clients and higher rejection and waitlist rates.

Top U.S. day and private schools are selective and reject applicants each year.  Our fees are simply a choice whether you, as a parent, wish to have your child rejected or not.

Boarding School Admissions Consultants Dr Paul Lowe

Expert advice private school educational consultant

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 * America's Premier Independent Educational Consultants for Private School Admissions *

 PSAA provides parents with the knowledge they need to decide where their children should go to school, and help them find out what steps are needed to successfully complete the admissions process to have positive outcomes.   We specialize in helping our clients gain admissions to top private day and boarding schools.  We provide a range of services tapered to our clients needs.


  • Personal Comprehensive Assessment.  
  • Interview Preparation & Skills Development.
  • School application review and support.
  • Essay review and support.
  • Waitlist-to-Acceptance.
  • Post-Decision Reapplication
  • After-Application Deadline


For clients who desire a list of private schools based on student profile.

At Private School Admissions Advisors, Dr. Lowe and his team of associates personally visit over 150 private day and boarding schools throughout the U.S. and conduct a Private School Assessment & Review (PSAR).  The goal of PSAR is to provide parents with the knowledge, unbiased assessment and "private school intelligence" they need to decide where their children should attend school. 

By providing current information, knowledge. private school intelligence, parents need at their fingertips, parents and students can feel confident that they are making the best school choice.  No more assumptions based on an internet visit, open house visit or brochures.

This service is a wonderful service for international families seeking boarding schools or domestic families seeking schools outside of their communities.


  • Consultations (unlimited) with parents to identify desired outcome for their child.
  • Discussions with parents and students to determine their ideal school environment.
  • Review academic records, school testing, and full educational evaluation, background information, special talents and interests of student.
  • Present and discuss findings with client.
  • Consult with or refer to other professionals, if appropriate.
  • Outline the admissions process and create timeline.
  • School application and essay assistance.
  • School visitation strategies.
  • Parental and student mock interview sessions.
  • Recommendation selection and review.
  • Consult with schools regarding application and admission process.
  • Admissions Advocacy and support.


  • For families who are domestically relocating.
  • For U.S. citizens employed abroad whose children are currently attending an international school.
  • For international families who are relocating to the U.S.

In addition to the above admissions advisory services we: (a) Assist in school application and essay completion. (b) Provide parental and student mock interviews. (c) Develop a comprehensive and strategic plan of action. (d)Provide application assistance and completion, essay editing, (e) Provide standardized test preparation-planning, (f) Provide recommendations and references assessment. (g) Coordinate school tour/visit planning.


Many international families work with their local agents in their country only to discover that these agents lack the experience and knowledge to place their children in top American private day or boarding schools.  These agents have contractural relationships with limited schools.  The result: children are unhappy and do not receive the best education when placed in third and fourth rate schools.  From time to time, we even receive inquiries from families who wish that their child transfer from an incorrect or inappropriate placement.  Why take the chance and waste time and money placing your child in the wrong school?  Or worse, a low-tier school? As an international parent, we know you want your child to be accepted to a top U.S. private school and nothing less!

International Private School Admissions Services:

  • International advisory and school placement to prestigious and elite private schools.

  • Transfer admissions services - currently enrolled and wish to transfer to prestigious and elite schools.

For more information on our international private school admissions services, please visit:  International Admissions Advisors.


For U.S. and international high school seniors who desire an extra PG or postgraduate year.  Reasons for PG include:

  • Improve College Admissions Chances
  • Personal Growth
  • Perfect Athletic Abilities

Please note that the postgraduate programs admissions process has become increasingly competitive and that there are limited slots for the many qualified students who apply to them!

For more information on our postgraduate year admissions advisory services, please visit: 
Postgraduate Year Admissions Advisors


What if your child was  REJECTED ?  What went wrong?  What if your child is in the WAIT-LISTED pool?  What do you do?  You need an expert in these situations to help your child - Please  click here  to see what Dr. Lowe and his team can do for you and has done for parents who hired him because their children were waitlisted or rejected.  Your child deserves a second chance.  This time hire an expert!   Off Waitlist/Rejected-Acceptance Program.

PSAA can provide admissions strategies to help your child be removed from the wait list and be admitted to his/her top-choice private school.  We also provide re-application services.

Our Wait list-To-Acceptance Services/Re-application Services include: 

  • Evaluation with students and parents to assess needs/goals and past strategies. 
  • Assessment of the student's scholastic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessment of parental/family component during the admissions process.
  • Review of all educational records.
  • Evaluation and assessment of "what went wrong"
  • Development of a strategic waitlist-to-acceptance admission plan.
  • Development of a re-application plan.


This service is applicable if your child has applied to schools after application deadlines, because of unintended consequences.  For example, relocation or immediate need to transfer form public to private school or private to private school.

At PSAA, we specialize in challenging, unique and seemingly insurmountable after-the-deadline cases.  We can serve as an advocate for your family in this situation and act as your personal admissions liaison to ensure your child's acceptance.

This is a very involved service and is recommended only for families who need an immediate admissions transfer or fall admissions after school application deadlines or school decisions have been made.


  • Concierge-type  admissions advisory services to assure our clients' future.  Our concierge-style service is not for everyone, just for parents who truly want the best results for their children.
  • In-person consultations: available in Connecticut, Westchester County, Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, MetroBoston and Rhode Island.  We provide convenient in-home consultations We schedule consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle.  Seven days a week. Evenings and weekends!
  • Phone and Skype consultations: available for U.S. as well as international clients.

X.  Location Affiliates

XI. Private School-to-College 

Interested in our affiliate site for the transition from private school to Ivy League Colleges?  Many of our clients continue to use our network of services while in private school.  Please visit: Ivy League Admissions Advisors.